Equipment Providers

Intel Galileo

  • Arduino-certified development boards based on Intel architecture,
  • Assorted Switches and Buttons
  • Assorted Speakers and Motors
  • N135 Wifi Kits + Antennas – Intel Wifi Kits


  • 3D printing and laser cutting services,

Stoney CNC

  • Machining services


Batteries, Arduinos, Raspberry Pi, XBee Modules, MicrosD shield, Sensors, Wifi kits, Bluetooth kits, BeagleBone


Low energy wireless monitoring sensors




Soldering stations and basic manufacturing capability on campus if needed

Miscellaneous Components

Resistors, Capacitors, LEDs, transistor, diodes, bread boards and proto-boards, batteries etc. from Intel and Radionics.

Sensors – Microphone, Optical Detector / Phototransistor, Hall Effect Sensor, Piezo Element, Temperature Sensor, Mini Photocell, IR Receiver Diode, Tilt Sensor, Infrared Emitters and Detectors, Photo Interrupter, 4-Way Tilt Sensor, Piezo Vibration Sensor, Light to Frequency Converter, RedBot Sensor – Line Follower, Triple Axis Accelerometer Breakout, Wiper/Actuator – 1N to 3N Force, SoftPot Membrane Potentiometer, Force Sensitive Resistor 0.5″, Flex Sensor 2.2″, SoftPot Membrane Potentiometer – 100mm, Softpot Rotary Potentiometer, Load Sensor – 50kg, Humidity and Temperature Sensor, Temperature Sensor – Waterproof, PIR Motion Sensor, Triple Axis Accelerometer, Thermistor 10k, Ambient Light Sensor – TEMT6000